Open the way for peace:Reggae singer

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

“Fata sika le salam” is the lastet reggae song from Case Balanco calling upon everyone to open the way for peace in this year.

The year 2020 accoring to singer Balanco is a blessed year to the people of South Sudan and Africa at large and the singer beleieves that for peace to prevail,we should all pave its way.

“There is no way we can have peace if we don’t pave the way for it, it is the role of every citizen in and out side the country to pave way for peace,”said Balanco.

Balanco said that as an artist, he is paving way for peace by singing about it and spreading the message through his music.

“Paving way for peace is not the role of the leaders only, as a mother and father you can preach about peace at home, teachers teach peace, there is one way or the other that we can all open the way for peace,” Balanco said.

The singer has appreciated the roles played by the country’s atrtists such as musicans, dancers and comedians towards peace building in their artistic approach.

Case Balanco is a  reggae artist who rose to the music fame with his “salaam alekum” that rocked the air waves of African music secnes.

Balanco aka Johnson is known for songs such as “Juba ringtone,”sarah” and economy is booming”

2020 is a very optistmictic year for South Sudanese and majority hopes to achieve their dreams.

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