Open Rumbek University -Students

The Student Union of Rumbek University of Science and Technology led by the Guild President, Mr. Mading Guet Malual and his deputy Atem Mayen Atem has called on the Administration to open the university by Friday this week.

In a press statement released by the Guild President on Thursday, Mr. Mading Guet Mading said the students are ready to resume their studies regardless of food.

“We are calling on the University Administration to immediately open the university and carryout lectures because the opening has delayed for almost 2 weeks,” said the Guild President.

He said, despite lack of food in the university as the cause of the delay, the University can open on student owns risk saying that the students will cater for their own food.

However, the deputy Guild President, Atem Mayen Atem said the students of Rumbek University would continue to persuade the administration to accept the opening of the University by this week through peaceful approach. If it doesn’t work then the students themselves will sit down again to design another workable mechanism to address the issue.

Rumbek University of Science and Technology (RUST) is one of the five universities operating in the country. It has graduated only a single batch of students last Year in 2015 since it became its inception in 2010.

By Mabor Riak Magok

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