Open Letter to President Salva Kiir Mayardit

By: Joseph Akim Gordon

Your Excellency, I wish to convey to you the New Year’s greetings. Your Excellency, as a citizen I have taken the opportunity to write to you this open letter because it is the only avenue for me to communicate to you. I wish to congratulate you for the effort you are exerting to achieve peace in this country. We have suffered so much for this senseless war that has cost us so much in terms of lives, property damage and citizens forced to seek refuge in foreign countries and internally displaced people scattered all over the country, living a miserable life.

We are all aware that war cannot bring peace in this country but only destruction and misery, we fought a repressive government in Khartoum Anyanya liberation struggle from 1955- 1972 and resumed war in 1983. In all these wars there was no total victory and both sides later resorted to negotiation upon realization that lasting peace cannot be attained through violent means.

If you remember, the church hierarchy in 2013 tried to calm political temperature so that the political leadership should resolve their differences through dialogue, because once war is ignited it is very difficult to bring about peace which is very expensive and time consuming. The fear is that continuous war is likely to split the country and for this reason, peace must prevail in this country, the hundred days is closing up. The issues of security arrangements and the number of States and their boundaries can be easily tackled if there is political will. You need not to take the country to war because of these two issues.

The two parties to the agreement must work hard to bring about peace, the peace process should involve the radical revival of the economy to resolve the current economic meltdown. There is also a need to introduce economic revival packages to rescue the economy from total collapse.

The negative economic situation is likely to breed political instability that will reduce economic and social development. Mr. President, for you to succeed it is better you form a think-tank, a group of technocrats that can assist you in your effort to improve the current situations. The country needs a pool of intellectuals that can recommend best ways to manage the economy and improved measures of good governance. The country is currently polarized along ethnic line as such, an effort is required to bring about sanity and encourage positive practical measures to bring about genuine unity in the country.

Mr. President, there is also a need to develop our economy but not enough effort has been exerted to this direction. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy but the country has not invested in Agriculture. How can this country become self-sufficient in food production like other countries when we do not invest in agriculture and how do we ensure there is food security? You approved six hundred million to combat army worm, but since then the Ministry of Finance was not able to deliver this fund to the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Finance claimed that it had no money to deliver to the Ministry of Agriculture. In another development, the authorities in Jubek State complained of cattle coming from elsewhere destroying their crops, you responded by issuing presidential decree for the owners of the cattle to take their animals to their original locations or places your reaction was received with happiness but unfortunately this decree was not implemented. So Mr. President, it is appropriate that your office should make sure that the order you make must be adhered to, the violators must be made accountable. Mr. President, as the father of this nation all complaints and positive or negative developments in this country must be forwarded to you so that you are aware and take appropriate measures. Just like the head of a family takes full responsibility in the house, you are mandated to address every concern brought to your attention by the citizens of this country.

In conclusion, I hope that Almighty God will help you to bring true peace in this country, because peace will bring about socio-economic development and unifies the country. We are all aware that leaders are tasked to lead the country in the path of prosperity. So Mr. President, be a peacemaker. You have been chosen to lead this country, do your best to bring real peace to the war-torn country.

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