Open Letter to Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan

Your Excellency;

Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President Republic of South Sudan.

I have been your critic in various ways since 2013 but today I am honored and privileged to write to you this letter for the third time since you personally appointed me as police officer for the first batch of immigration officers in the Republic of South Sudan and after the war broke out in the country in 2013.

It is unfortunate that the country got into war merely two years after gaining its independence from Sudan. Thank you my President for keeping the country on its feet. We South Sudanese have lost dignity before the International Community and our youth and mothers have become victims of circumstances caused by selfish and power hungry politicians and Generals who think every South Sudanese general and politician can be president or minister.

Your Excellency;

Our people need to experience new era of peace and the people need genuine and lasting peace that would rebuild the broken walls of the country. It is time to fight the vice of tribalism and tribal conflicts in South Sudan. As we strive for lasting peace in the country, there are anti-peace elements camping around you with the intention of fighting from inside Juba to over throw your regime. I would like to state clearly that you have members within your government who fight rebels yet inside Juba they are rebels and they fight rebels in order to keep them away from the leadership in Juba for them to gain space to fight your government for their personal interests.

You have kept our country on its feet and moving despite the challenges facing it. I suggest you stay in power to fix those problems until the people of South Sudan decide through democratic means who should be the country’s president. Currently you are the only unifying factor of the people of South Sudan despite efforts exerted by some enemies of the people of South Sudan to cause instability in the country.

Mr. President, before you form the Transitional Government of National Unity, be aware of some false loyal politicians in the government and some returning generals within the opposition. The only way to regime change is through democratic means which is the power of the people of the republic of South Sudan. Let the power of the people decide whether you should remain or leave power.

Your excellency, regarding the ongoing discussions on the number of states in the country, I suggest the 32 states be maintained and if there is need to change the status quo of the states, then let us revert to regional system of governance and maintain governorship based on the former great regions of Equatoria, Bahr-el Ghazal and upper Nile. Reducing the current number of states will likely cause tribal conflicts among our communities which will cause instability in the country.

My President, there is very high turn up by some members of the opposition who had taken up arms against your government to return to the country in response to the amnesty you have given them but some elements  around you continue blocking and forcing them to maintain their status in the bush or in foreign countries. Returning members of opposition who have made their decision to join and work for the regime in Juba are being forced by some generals and politicians to join rebel groups who have returned to the government rather than being integrated into the government. Some who say they returned to join Salva Kiir’s SPLM are either jailed or sent back to join their colleagues in the bush.

Not only that, funds allocated for mobilization our people for peace are used by anti-peace elements within your government to facilitate activities of top Generals and politicians in the camp of opposition in order to maintain their camps. You may be innocent, but your own people in the system are victimizing you and the people of the republic of South Sudan.

Your Excellency, knowing that I will expose them, I am being harassed by some of those who are against your government within the army, national security and politicians. They prevent me from accessing you. They once took me to JI in order to meet and discuss our grievances and plans to mobilize our people for peace with you, but they had to request me to leave the waiting room and they drove me back to my hotel room.

They detained me for 15 days because I said I will only join President Kiir’s government, not any opposition movement. There are a lot happening out here that you do not know and they will not tell you because they are against your leadership.

My president, I request for an urgent meeting with you as the issues to be discussed are very vital and may need your urgent action. Currently my life is under serious threat and I would be grateful to meet you soon and positive feedback before they take off my life.

Hon. Col. Dominic Gabriel Mogga Baba

Former journalist/editor

Directorate of Nationality Passports and Immigration, South Sudan police service

Current Member of opposition

Contact email: ayitedominic@gmail.com

Cc: Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan

Cc:  Hon. Ambassador of South Sudan to the Republic of Uganda

Cc: The media

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