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Onyoti dismisses Deng Bior, group

Hon. OnyotiAdigoNyikwec, Chairman of Democratic Change Party (DCP)


By Opio Jackson


Thechairman of theDemocratic Change Party (DCP), Hon. OnyotiAdigoNyikwec has dismissed the party Secretary General, Deng Bior Deng and five othersenior members for“violating the party constitution”.

Mark AtemAwol, Lydia NhialDok, William AkecAleu,KerbinoPow and Andrew OkonyAyom are the party members dismissed alongside their secretary general.

The statement extended to Juba Monitorsays they were dismissed as a result of their refusal to appear before the investigation and disciplinary committee.

“In excise of article 20 sub- section [1 and 4] of the constitution of the Democratic Change Party amended 2016, as the Chairman of the party in execution of the National Executive Resolution in its meeting number 1 dated 07th January, 2017 based on the recommendation of both the investigation and Displinary Committee of the Party,” OnyotiAdigoNyikwec read the order of dismissal.

“I, OnyotiAdigoNyikwec, Chairman of the Democratic Change Party issues the following resolution: 1.The above-mentioned members are dismissed from the Democratic Change Party as from 09thJanuary 2017. Secondly,their dismissal came as a result of their refusal to appear in front of both the investigation and disciplinary committee formed by the party for their violation of the constitution of the Democratic Change Party article 55 sub-sections [2, 8,9 and10]”.

Onyoti said “the group has nothing to do with the Democratic Change Party again”although it is their right to appeal to any higher institution in the party against their dismissal.

OnyotiAdigoNyikwecwas elected chairman of the Democratic Change Party last year after Dr. Lam Akol’s resignation, but since then the Democratic Change Party has been in political disputes after the reshuffle of its leadership by the National Executive Council which some members described as an illegal process.

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