The government has closed all entry points and ordered that movements be restricted with only trucks and cargo planes with essential goods be allowed in the country during this time of the fight against Coronavirus, there should be preparedness to ensure basic items remained in the shelves for domestic use. Indeed some businessmen will take the advantage to hike prices without due consideration to the prevailing situation on the ground. The government has promised the country that there will be no shortage of basics and even fuel but there should be order in allowing in the goods at the entry points. It is common in such situation that some people will be out to use all possible means to beat the government laid down rule for selfish gain. They should be guided with the principles of patriotism and belonging. They should not use the coronavirus preventive measures to enrich themselves through corrupt means. It is time to give the government full support in whatever manner to help in prevention of the dreaded COVID-19. Other neighbouring countries are feeling the pinch of the disease. That this country has not had any positive case does not mean it is free and care must be taken to safeguard any possible case that may come by. The exemption of trucks with basics should not be abused because if any danger is allowed, it will not be for one person but the whole country. It is not to be denied that some people capitalize in such situation to make a kill. However, before doing so one should look at a bigger picture of the whole nation instead of themselves. There is a lot to learn from countries which have reported cases which can enable the country to remain on guard against this disease.

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