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Only five girls to sit for PLE in Boma State

By Manyuon Mayen Mayen

Boma State Minister of Education Joseph Lilimoy said there were only five girls out of the one hundred and fifty six candidates to sit for their 2018 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) scheduled for 26th November 2018.

Mr. Lilimoy said he was very disappointed with low number of the girls. “I am very disappointed because in the whole Boma State only five girls had registered for the PLE,” he said.

The Minister of Education attributed the low primary school enrolment among girls to cultural practices and beliefs which had subjected young girls to forced and early marriages

“There are lots of factors contributing to low enrolment among school girls in Boma State. There are issues of negative customs and traditions in our communities,” he said.

“The communities in Boma State are nomadic pastoralists and as a result they consider girls as sources of wealth and that is why they don’t believe much in girls’ education,” Minister Lilimoy added.

He revealed that the percentage of girls in lower classes in Boma State was also ‘challenging and disappointing’.

However, the 156 candidates were from Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) and a primary school.

Mr. Lilimoy explained that 56 candidates come from Pibor Boys primary school, 30 from Gumoruk primary school, 51 from Akotgol primary school and 19 from Boma State ALP primary school.

He expressed doubts over the fate of the five girls in completing their secondary school as some of them were already booked for marriage.

Mr. Lilimoy appealed to national government to increase Boma and other States education budget so as that they can be able to build more schools and influence communities respectively.

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