Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

In most cases l get agitated when someone given a responsibility fails to carry-out what is rightfully in his/her docket.

And what he/she wakes up every morning of every day to do or attend to. These are people who fail their appointing authorities who expect more from the trust bestowed on them.

In fact some who look at the authority as their Godfathers end up not doing what they are expected to do. There are so many orders and promises from some national and states ministers which have not taken off the ground.

Of particular l am tired of reports of the continued logging which is soon going to kill all green vegetation and forests around us.

There was a time when the ministry in-charge of the docket gave a clear order that no more logging and charcoal burning would be allowed to go on and those found to go against the law would be dealt with according to the law of the land. From last year nothing has changed and logging continues unabated. Old and new trucks are seen on the roads carrying nothing but heavy sacks of charcoals and loads of logs.   Where did the ministerial order go to or is it the “right hand doing what the left cannot see”

Time has come and still coming when those who are not discharging their work accordingly should be shown the door. There are so many qualified youth who are out there looking for greener pasture to serve the country diligently and with all dedications given the chance.

There seems to be some habit that is only applied by some officials when targeting particular individuals and die immediately they achieved their goals.

Unconfirmed reports go around that the order was announced when a deal went sour between some government officials and a certain group of charcoal dealers who were exporting the commodity to a neighbouring country.

The deal was so lucrative that the officials felt short-changed and convinced the minister to issue trade ban order on charcoals to save the forests from destructions.

It was only to last for short time to tame the termed “the wild traders” considered to be going out of hand and could not be controlled to meet their side of the bargain as expected by the officials.

If the report is anything to go by then the appointing authority has too much in his hands to handle. Men with ears to the ground who claim to know it all have this to say “these announcements and orders are only coming out when a deal has gone sour. Not for reality but for bargain”.

If this is true then it is very sad that some people in position have a long way to go to come to terms of development agenda for the country and to understand that the country needs dedicated people for service delivery.

Charcoal and forest destruction are just but a few examples that must be stopped to save forests.

There must be commitments to serve the country. Only then shall we be a successful nation.

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