One time, our God will make a way

By Ngor Khot Garang

A lot of things happen here on daily basis; some make us cry and others encourage us to continue with the tussle even when doing so hurts. This could be little achievement or heartbreak in life; one pushes us ahead while the other like stumbling block reduces us to zero level. But when we appreciate every moment, good or bad and take life just the way it is, we can overcome the challenges of this world and get the kind of life we want. It is true that the human heart, as we all know always yearn for something good. We need success by all means and when we can’t due to some circumstances, we get confused on what wrong we have done that causes us to always remain behind when almost all the people we know are moving at unstoppable speed.

The desire to have a problem free life is always for everyone but we are saddened when we find that we can’t because these kinds of life where there are no problems do not exist and it will never be so. Even the most fulfilled men and women of this world are facing one problem or the other and this is a clear example that the goodness of this life depends on how we choose to live as individuals whether we are in pain or not. When we are poor, it would be wrong to think that things will remain like that until we are completely lowered in the grave because this will only drag us to a lifetime dungeon of stress and depression. The world is very unfair and it is very harsh with those who easily give up. When it tries you and you remain strong, and it comes for the second time to push you down and you get up as if nothing has happened, let me tell you, it will not take long before you celebrate the victory.

But when life tries you and you give up in the first time you got tested, it will be over with you. You will cry out loud and nobody will hear your cries because everyone is hiding their tears and it would be a big joke to listen to someone who is crying over the pain that comes with life when others are really trying to be strong. The choice is going to be yours whether to give up or you hide your tears until God see you through. And don’t be confused here, am not meaning to say that God will send his angels from heaven so that they come and help you out. No, God will only help you when you are willing to stand strong even in the face of adversity. Though we always want God to be the one working things out on our behalf, this is absolutely not the way things should go.

We are humans and we should understand that life is hard and it is only our responsibility to try our very best before we expect the creator of the universe to intervene. It is well known that God is kind and loving but sometimes when he takes long without replying to our prayer requests, our faith begin to diminish and we conclude that God doesn’t exist or if he truly does, he doesn’t care. I know not everyone think like this but if there are people who are forced by situations to believe that God doesn’t exist, I will be one of the few who will support the belief that God is there and he will surely break the chain which have been holding us back for number of years. If it is a hex cast against you by the enemy.

 If it is poverty, sickness or failure in life, God will surely make a way and you will even forget what to say when you are asked how it has just happened by someone who is flabbergasted. Just one step can change the course of your entire life but if you don’t believe in God who controls everything, you will miss that single step. Just leave everything to God and wait for him to take charge even when things are not good, as long as you are still alive, he will surely do great wonders.      

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