One suspect arrested for revenge killing

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

At least one person has been arrested in Eastern Lakes State in connection with the revenge killing that left two people dead and five others injured on Wednesday in Anuol County.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone yesterday from Yirol capital, the State Information Minister, Simon Tueny said cattle raiding was a relentless issue that has contributed to high death cases among the youth in the state.

“The cause of the incident was the dispute of one cow among two groups in cattle camp. During the fight, one group managed to take that cow which led to the dead of two people and five others were injured,” he said.

He added that cattle dispute was a common issue in the state and can only be controlled by the traditional community members.

However, Tueny said there was evidence that the issue was becoming a more organized and difficult crime that is planned and implemented by armed youth. 
He said cattle raiding was purely a traditional practice where rival communities could engage in the exercise for purpose of restocking cattle and not for commercial purpose, “In the past it was carried out between neighboring communities.”

“We had never practiced such sporadic violence especially cattle raiding and conflict among one community since the time of our ancestors, this violence never happened like now, it is difficult to explain the reasons why the youth kill one another and why they practice such a thing,” Tueny said.

He reiterated that nowadays everybody in the cattle camp is holding a gun which he said was a major cause of violence in the state.

According to Minister Tueny, the security situation was calm after Wednesday’s incident as more police forces had been deployed in the area.

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