One Sudanese diplomat joins celebration of Labour Day in Kampala


President Museveni in military raincoat smartly dressed during the event to commemorate the international labuor day at Sembabule.


By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala.

At least countries of East African Community including Uganda, Kenya Rwanda and Tanzania respectively marked International Labour Day. The event widely marked through out the world was colorful and too appealing to the citizens of East African Community to work extra harder to achieve middle income policies in an effort to make Africa dream a reality and be able to feed its population independently. South Sudan deputy ambassador H.E Majur Muorwel was present at the ceremony held at Sembabule district.

The event was held at Sembabule district under the theme “Uniting workers for social and economic advancement.” Uganda joinsed the rest of the international community to celebrate the international Labour Day, an annual event celebrated throughout the world to determine the contributions and achievement of workers personal participation in the nation building. Speaking on behalf of Uganda’s workers a representative appealed to H.E the president and national minister of finance and planning to reconsider increasing the wages of workers because workers are the benchmark of every successful country in the world, he said.

The goods and services were exhibited as a sign of recognition and support to the national growth known as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the total value of goods and services a country produced in an effort to boost country’s economy. Uganda’s President H.E Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was the guest of honor, during the exhibition show of goods and services produced locally in the country, President Kaguta Museveni used the opportunity to urge African people and farmers in particular to put more determination on cultivation because the land African have is the land which is blessed and fertile capable to produce crop of all varieties which are rarely produced in the world. President Gen Yoweri K Museveni surprised Ugandan people and entire world by showing up despite the heavy rain to grace the occasion, president appeared smartly dressed in military raincoat well composed and with a lot of enthusiasm in him watching the event proceeding happening one bye one regarding International Labour Day celebrations  held at Sembabule district in Uganda.

Museveni said African problems are not about developing our potentials in order to create jobs through agricultural industrialization and ICT to enhance the national growth of African economies in the world.

He urged African people to stop fighting themselves and start thinking for what can be done to make our business thrive on the continent and to achieve that expectations of Africa rising.

President Museveni appealed to people he termed as “Political Class” to fight corruption completely by avoiding taking bribes from the people and demonstrate the culture of Africansim at all time because African people are honest people who eat honest food and money stressed the president.

The President called upon African people to distance themselves from wars because countries experiencing the war never had chance to celebrate International labour day because they are fighting and busy destroying beautiful nature of Africa, please let us waste no time by making Africa move forward through hard working not through corrupt practices because corruption make business not to thrive very rapidly because the general public is not happy with the business, therefore fellow African people let us love ourselves and make Africa a center for industrialization, peace and harmony in the world.




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