One SSP gone and 500SSP found

One pound

Five hundred pound

By Akol Arop Akol

Looking back at the beginning of economic crisis which led into increases in Commodities’ prices, things were going smooth before that unfortunately there came unexpected situation where getting money or spending it becomes difficult where people could not afford what they desire in the market.

The dollar rate to SSP was down and affordable by South Sudanese to exchange but it keeps increasing and expensive every day that it has now become like gold to get. Comparing US dollars with South Sudanese pounds, 100 is equivalent or ranging from 30, 000-32,000SSP but on daily basis, it goes up and drops down sometimes. The rising of uncontrollable crisis made money valueless and then some notes become useless that cannot even buy anything in the market. It is not a surprise that even if you collect many one Pound notes, no trader or seller will accept to exchange goods and services with you.

Despite that there were coins produced some years back as a trial to recover the value of our currency and to boost the economy, it did not succeed. These coins are present but not in use. Therefore, the question is why were they produced and when shall they be used? I think it is impossible because it would have been done early before 1SSP was gone and now 5SSP is the next to disappear.

The 1SSp was paid as taxi fare and 5SSP could let you order food and drinks. But now, it is a different shocking story that will remain for long.  At this time, living standard stuck and people are not accessing their potential needs. If someone is getting only 1000SSP how does he make budgeting for children fees, renting, water and food? This drives citizens into unstable life.

The government tries various ways of solving the crisis but this will take a long time to recover. There is difference between normal sickness and a chronic disease. The most important key should have been the control of uprising prices but the challenge is that most traders suffer financially in process of importing the commodities or distinguish materials from other countries. The other factors are insecurity and rough roads. Thus, businessmen and women struggle and pay expenditures to make sure the goods reach the destination.

Indeed they could be buying their things expensively and this makes them sell at any rate they like.

But should difficulties in bringing goods be an excuse for raising the prices every day? Authorities have a right to look into the matter and investigate the problems marking the market as a centre for gaining profit by retailers without sympathising the needs of citizen. Bus money is exceeding 100SSP, where could a poor child whose parents are jobless get this money every morning for going to schools located in far distances?

Everyone is crying, jobless and working ones, poor and the rich, both citizens and leaders. Who is really better and who shall save who? It is the government to help the citizens. The suffering of this year is beyond imagination. Words cannot describe but if we really have human pity and mercy for those lacking what to eat, drink or wear then we shall feel and understand that we are dinning in hotels and driving our luxury vehicles while somewhere around the country children are scattering and going on the streets because of hunger. Aged people are suffering from untreated diseases while no one is ready to support them. It is a great hope that our leaders feel and think about the deadly situation.

We believe the production of additional notes or pounds will somehow improve what was intentionally planned. Besides this, there is a doubt whether 500 SSP will really be valuable. Otherwise this note will only be spent on one plate of local food only. Though the new banknote is not the perfect solution, it will help minimize households from carrying many pounds in pocket or handbag for shopping. It would be better if one pound is brought back from where it has gone. Without it the rest of the notes will also lose value gradually and the economy will head to where we don’t like.

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