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One sentenced to life-imprisonment in Jonglei

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least one person was sentenced to life-imprisonment for murder by the Jonglei State High Court yesterday.

Nathaniel Gai Nyuon was sentenced to life-imprisonment after being proved guilty of murder by the Court.

Last year Mr. Nyuon and two others were arrested for allegedly killing their brother in Juba whom they owed 300,000 SSP

After long court procedures, the Judge ruled that the three decided to kill their brother the late Gai Nyuon Majak to settle the debt.

In a ruling letter read out to the reporters in Bor yesterday by the Controller of the Jonglei State High court Mr. Philip Nhiany Gai who was speaking under the auspices of the Judge said the first convict Akech Mayom Akech was sentenced to two years and two months’ imprisonment and will pay a fine of 20,000 SSP.

Mr. Akech’s imprisonment will be counted right from the date of 4th December 2016, according to the court ruling.

The second accused person, Andrew Chol Geu’s  punishment was not indicated in the Court ruling paper.

The Judge Justice John Yel Aleu said Nathaniel Gai Nyuon who was sentenced to life-imprisonment will serve his term in jail until death as stated in the penal code of South Sudan.

“His punishment is under section 359 of the penal code of South Sudan,” Mr. Gai stressed.

Nevertheless Mr. Gai indicated that the same convict was also fined an amount of 20,000 SSP

”Secondly he is fined 20,000 SSP prompt. If not he will be imprisoned again for six more months after having served two years and two months as indicated by the judge.

However, the Controller of the High Court said that the finding was also in conjunction of section 132 of the penal code.

Mr. Gai said that the case papers of the sentenced were to be sent to the supreme court of South Sudan for notification.

The controller did not confirm to the press whether the convicts were allowed to appeal to the Supreme Court.

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