One person killed in cattle raid

By: Nema Juma

Ruweng State minister of information, culture, youth and sports said a number of cattle have been raided by alleged youth from Northern Liech State leaving one person dead and one injured.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Phone, information minister Abraham Ngor stated that when the cattle were raided, the owners of the cattle ran after their cattle and recovered some, but one person died and another one sustained injuries adding that his was receiving treatment.

“My massage to our neighbors is that we are here for peace, everyone wants peace as people are going to the cantonment areas,” Ngor said.

He stated that those people who attack people and raid cattle use both army and police uniform, adding that this has been common, “we are for peace,” he said.  

Ngor called on the government of Northern Liech to control those wrong elements who are taking the lives of innocent people.

“If you attack people and take their cattle, you are not a good neighbor, you must love your neighbor but do not kill and attack your neighbor,” the Minister said.

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