One person injured in Nimule shooting

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least one person has been injured during the sporadic gun shooting in Nimule town on Wednesday night.

As time clocked 12 am, Nimule town was roared with gunshots that lasted for 20 minutes as residents celebrate the new dawn of 2020.

Simon Aguer Bior, an elder at Jerusalem Parish in Nimule has criticized the parodic shooting in Nimule town. He said it was a bad start for the country.

“Look at this now. What was it? It is really bad. It is good enough that the injured person is alive but it was a bad experience to have started a year with a disappointing story,” he said while briefing the congregation at the Church on Wednesday.

Bior said not all signs of happiness and jubilation must be portrayed through shooting of guns.

He reiterated that happiness and excitements were the only things expected as opposed to negative occurrences on the 1st of January.

“There was no need for people to shoot gun in the air. Losing or injuring someone in that manner wasn’t anticipated. So I encourage our people to always have good manners when it comes to commemoration of big days,” Bior explained.

The shooters on the 1st of January in Nimule town were not recognized by the authorities in Nimule town according to the locals on the ground.

Juba Monitor could not independently verify whether the shooters were civilians or armed as authorities could not be located at access control point on Wednesday afternoon.

Attempts to reach local authorities, including the police in Nimule town over the shooting were unsuccessful.

The casualty shot at the thigh has been admitted at Nimule Hospital for surgical operation.

However, no suspect has been arrested in connection to the incident.

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