Editorial 19th July 2018

Tears are flowing back in the stomach of many who had expected that this time around or this time tomorrow they would be joining the whole country in celebrating the signing of the peace accord which was to take place yesterday in Khartoum. It did not happen and although it is postponed to the 26th of this Month. The happiness and the expectation are gone and faces one meets are of loss for hope of the elusive peace since the conflict broke out. Some citizens are calling through phones and others in different communication channels have aired what the majority feelings are. Their expectations were too high based on trust and earlier promises towards achievement of peace. It turned-out to be nay. But there are those who are still optimistic that they must bring peace to the people of this country at all cost. They have crisscrossed the terrains, valleys, mountains and borders in search of peace for the people of this country. They have not had time to rest and or given up their missions. How long with the adjournments and postponements take its root among the citizens who are longing for the restoration of peace and coming back to their already distorted lives to lead a normal life. All eyes have been in Khartoum for the last three or so weeks with the hope of having the process on board to restore peace for normal life. What is happening is giving a signal of hopelessness to the majority population. They have prayed and leading clergies from the region were already in Nairobi waiting to bless the finals of the Khartoum talks. Will they remain there for the next one week when the process will be resumed again in the Sudan Capital? Let us come out of the cocoon and stop hiding from reality. This country needs peace now more than anything else, give it to the people to enable them go about their business unperturbed and with future hope for themselves and the next generation.

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