Poiya Isaac Lagu, (LLM).

Poiya Isaac Lagu

Mr. Titus Carus was a Philosopher and Roman Poet (known as Lucretius). He carried the expression in the first Century BC, or merely repeated it, his was the oldest known reference and this proverb was an old British drama film directed by Irving Rapper and others in 1951which I think is still applicable today. In Latin, Mr. Titussaid; “Quod ali cibus est ali is fuat acre venenum” it literally means what is food for one man may be bitter poison to others. Hence; things liked or enjoyed by one person may be distasteful to another.  And what one may consider good or beneficial may be disliked by someone else.

Most often; Juba City Council could organize a clean–up day, I have seen our Mayor and Colleague in the legal profession; Counsel; KalistoLado together with the workers picking up trash in the roads and park. My highest congratulations to him! Some say one man’s trash is another’s treasure. “Trash” means rubbish or garbage thus waste, or unwanted things like food packaging after removing the food, such as used papers, empty containers or bottles, and waste foods, a person or people may also be regarded as being of very low social standing-it is a terribly derogatory term for useless or low status of people, something worth little or nothing. “Treasure” means something valuable-usually; it is precious metal or stones, something great or rich, therefore; what you would love to do or whatever you do happens as it is because you feel or felt like it is best for you. It is a call within your imagination, it’s perhaps a call not everyone expects, it’s uncalled for, unknown and people might perhaps try to shun you off. And at times they might call it senseless or useless or less important, yet they do not know your own plan and ambitions.

The artists of South Sudan are doing great work every day in creating peace and unity among the communities, they perform music and various artistic work. There should be a copyright law to protect their creative work of human intellect.  Although the copyright Act of the Republic of Sudan is still applicable. I think South Sudan should enact a law of copyright to protect all the work of the artists in South Sudan. The current National Legislative body should not be a busy body that is only concerned with its own welfare, but; I think it’s a body that ought to be concerned with the affairs of its citizens. And we have many South Sudanese manufacturing local goods within the country, especially liquid soaps. This trenches to the trade marks.  Local manufacturers need to be protected by law for the safety of their trade mark names too, hence granting domestic protection under the Trade Mark Act and an international support through World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

I remembered the story of a young man along the river Nile around 1990s in a small village called Atar School, near Canal in Jonglei State. This young man could cut papyrus and make mat out off, then sell them to generate income for himself to pay school fees, buy clothes and food for the family. But; many people tried to shun him; hence one man’s meat is another’s poison. You should understand that your passion is not for everyone. Make your own, hold it with care, it ought to touch you personally, the struggle is yours and the success is where you are.

This is unthinkably tremendous, the proverb sounds crazy, but I turned it to be lucrative and it will bring income to you. Now; many business men are involved in businesses over sea in the internet / electronic businesses (e-commerce), ordering goods on-line from Japan and China. Yet; South Sudan does not have the law governing (e-commerce), in case of any dispute, it becomes difficult for our local business men to resolve the dispute. I think; the National Transitional Legislative Assembly should do more by enacting a law regulating e-commerce in the country.

The synonyms for one man’s meat is another’s poison puts forward the idea that what is agreeable to one may be distasteful to another…example; what the SPLM/A in government might agree onto, the SPLM/A-IO might perhaps dislike it or another party there-to, hence; causing delay in the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan. But; I am not saying let the SPLM/A in government discard everything to give the SPLM/A –IO chance to claim it or take advantage of the situation. There must be meeting of minds to all. For us here in South Sudan, if a general is relieved from his duties or position, he will say the government is not alright, he will run into the bush and start to fight and kill his own people as a way looking for his own meat, instead of fixing the solutions when he was in such a position, forgetting that his meat is another’s poison. But; the word “meat” here does not mean cow meat or any meat of any type, it’s a literal expression of the meaning of words while “poison” doesn’t mean any toxic material, but it means the literal interpretation of the word too.

In conjunction to the afore-said; about 90% of marriages in South Sudan are in dire situation of divorce just because parents of girls have high demand of bride prices possibly higher and young men can’t afford it, 65% of young men and women are not married because parents of young men cannot afford bride prices. Parents of girls have a slogan that; when you have many daughters, you are wealthy. This is a unique life our country is covered into. I hope Prostitution,Fornication and Adultery shall not climb to the peak of Jebel kujur if not Jebel Lado, quite much higher and there might be a likelihood for immorality to take over Juba city and other major towns if not handled with care, up to date South Sudan does not have marriage Act, there is no registrar of marriages in the country, and the law regulating marriages among Muslims although that of the Sudan is still applicable. And we could say “Allah kerim”, days passes-by hence one man’s meat is another’s poison.

Usually; you might get slack from some people accusing you of stealing, focus on the good not bad, do what you want to do, make a move, start it and dedicate your time for it, it is a call; those polishing shoes in the town, some selling water in jerry cans, the hawkers moving the whole day with goods on wheelbarrows, not forgetting my brothers and friends of the boda-boda riders, do not become a thief as a way of obtaining your wealth; work hard for it because one man’s meat is another’s poison similarly; one man’s trash is another’s treasure as many said.May God / Allah bless you all, South Sudan our motherland!

The Author is a legal expert, he can be reached for comments on Tel; (+211)924086970, email; poiyaisaaclagu@gmail.com, Juba!

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