One man meat is another man poison

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

(By Atimaku Joan-Guest)

When it comes to what has made it possible for most of the successful people or failures in life, I make no assumption of what their path/aid, thought, focus and resilience are because it has come to my table that everyone has a different challenge or the challenges might be the same but requires different solutions depending on individual discoveries.

It is quite obvious that everyone has had a dream for the future but have you ever wondered of how these dreams may come to reality or maybe the amount of energy needed for it to be lived in a near future?

Well, I am not here to divert your attention from your decisions but I would like to let you know that what might have worked for your number one star (Luminary) may not work for you.

Do not roast me yet just because you believe there are chances, let us talk about reality a bit.

Yes, there are always chances but you and I know of people or have experienced the dismays in one way or the other, I am talking about the dread of maybe dreaming to become a doctor and ending up a driver or even a bar attendant, get me right, You may wonder but at least it’s better than having nothing right? And now you might ask yourself “how comes?” the answer is simple because it does not work the same way for all.

Now you will find it difficult to judge people even if you are fond of pointing fingers because there exists people who have better investments, others work as hard as a donkey and at the same time we have those who lazy around and the ones with the future planned for them even before they were born but it ends up in unexpected way.

People have read success stories and also tried doing consultations severally to reach a dream but instead others take advantage of these innocent ones who struggle to the heights by taking from them and living them stack between choosing what worked for many successful people and getting out there in the wilderness to discover their own.

This is where I often get people mixing their grains with small stones because others say ‘You Only Live Once’ believing in tomorrow to take care of itself hence developing heartache when faced by surprise of the truth that the ‘tomorrow’ actual depends on their care of the past.

You are allowed to have your eyes fixed on a specific personality for some reasons but you need to have conscious to keep going because you are a different actor on your own journey otherwise the goal might be the same but the test may be different.

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