One man change society

By Akol Arop Akol

With this theme some people will ask me or themselves what it means or which kind of man that can change community or society and in which way?  Go into history and learn about great liberators who brought freedom to their people out of oppression. It is one man who comes up with an idea that something is not right and must be corrected for the common good of all and then shares with colleagues of like-minds to make it something bigger.

One man is he who needs peace to end conflicts between or among communities especially the cattle keepers who are sacrificing their lives for the love of cows. One man is you or me as a South Sudanese who can understand what is the problem that keeps our people running restlessly on their own land, always crying with unstoppable tears losing their lives in cold blood.

Most of the times I keep thinking about what I can do as my contributions for my country. And that’s why I begin my part by advocating for positive social change and influencing young people with writing while knowing other fellow country men and women are there doing their parts as well. Whether you are working or jobless, able or disable, within South Sudan or in diaspora, there is a national call “come and develop your country.” God brought us into this World and specifically placed on this land called South Sudan with purposes, not to fight one another, live in misery as IDPs or perish without enjoying the fruits of life in a given lifespan.We are entitled to be happy and successful but we are the ones piercing thorns of nepotism and segregation in our own fleshes.

As leaders, are we comfortable while violence still escalates and our people spread all over the world seeking for settlement? Many ran away because of war when they wereyoung, they grew up as adults and got married outside. They might be willing to come back home but the situation scares them, and they prefer outside life.

We can’t be Citizens when not doing something to have a peaceful society and a lovely nation with development. We cannot be called true citizens when allowing corruption, exploitation of the poor ones, and widespread Gender Based Violence. We should not continue with hostile behavior towards one another. This cannot take us further.

We need to be good and honest to ourselves. Small, random acts of kindness, like smiling at a brother, sister, friend or even stranger and helping them out of challenging condition—can be a great way to make a social change impact. By improving one person’s life, he or she will go one to inspire and change the lives of others. That is how one man can change society.

In order to be that one man or one woman who can change the community, you must start the journey today. Greet people. Listen to their stories. Help them solve their problems. Be in solidarity with them as one citizens and brethren in Christ.

You might not have money or materials to donate to the poor but you can still volunteer with an organization working for social change and the welfare of the community. You can also give your time.You can help these platforms or organizations and allow them to continue providing the services the community relies on.

We already have many organizations that are helping communities and they need your support to keep them working effectively.  

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