Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

There is one important notion in life that one should do to others what he would also want done to him. It simply means that do goods not bad to others. Stay stress free and be happy with what you have, bearing in mind that “this is your world that your almighty has created for you. Don’t complain and always display a smiling face all the time. But do not expose yourself to your enemies. A man lives to trust only himself. This is the human nature which has proved to be true. It is always said the person who betrays you know you too well and have all your facts on his/her fingertips, recall back something and find out who could have been possible to have licked any information or who had betrayed you. That person is not far away from your echelon. I am in this thought of mind and ego to put something right. Will there comes a time when we cannot betray our own. Will there comes a time when we can face our situations like brothers and sisters without admitting into our midst external or foreign hands which have never seen anything good about the continent leave alone our situation. We could not have been where we are today if these external hands did not interfere with our internal management arrangements, I do not want to be swayed by courted colours that portrays some negativities in the minds and well beings of other human beings. I had a long telephone chat with a diplomatic friend who was so concerned just like myself. He had this feeling that there are some elements still working in the country under the guise of what they commonly coin as “humanitarian” This is a magic word if well used will open the door of any institution. The people behind them are not all genuine. They have the other side of themselves which they use to inflict fear and divide the peaceful common-man at all the time available for their mission. We must unite as a people and a country to scuttle their imagined well planned divide and rule tactics which they have used far long to create division among the loving and peaceful communities. My friend in the high know told me that the only way to beat the odd out of these plan less planers was only to bring to their attention how strong we are by collectively approaching our issues without much attention to them. There are good friends and bad one. It is with this in mind that one has to know and understand his/her limit of openly interacting with people who do not add value to their lives but only harm them instead.  It is the wish of all human kind to be happy and proud but not to succumb to negative use by external hands. Truly, l have no love for such people who only aim to hurt their fellow human beings in all ways possible.    

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