One killed, two injured in Jebel Yesua

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

At least one person has been shot dead and two others injured by unknown gunman in Jebel Yesua residential area, the police said.

The attack took place on Tuesday night.

Police spokesperson Maj. General Daniel Justin Buolo said the Gunman has been arrested and investigations were underway to establish the root cause of the shooting.

Attacks by unknown gunmen are common in South Sudan.

In 2017, unknown suspect opened fire on a video hall in Gurei, killing more than 10 soccer fans. Also it happened in Mangateen suburb more than 10 revelers were injured in what the victims described as a grenade on.

The same last year, police in Torit, Imatong State, said one person was killed and six others wounded in an attack on vehicles in which a football team was travelling along the Torit-Juba Road.

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