One killed by unknown gunmen in Bentiu PoC

By Chany Ninrew

 A Community leader in Bentiu Protection of Civilians’ Site said they are living in fear after three unidentified gunmen killed a man inside the UN camp barely a week after they staged a peaceful demonstration in protest of an anticipated UNMISS withdrawal.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Bentiu POC Chairman John Nhial Ruai explained that three criminals had sneaked their weapons in through the porous gates of the POC and had killed a middle aged man Sunday evening in what was perceived to be a revenge attack.

“What happened yesterday is a security threat to us, three gunmen killed an innocent man beside his tent at 6:30 PM in Sector 3 before they escaped in our watch,” John said.

When asked if they were able to trace where the killers might have come from, he said it is not clear if they were from outside the camp because they were not spotted on coming.

“These people might have sneaked in with their guns two days ago just after the UN withdrew their police from the checkpoints and entrance gates of the PoC, and unfortunately they killed the person and escaped,” he said.

 Nhial said it was the first time to hear the sound of a gun in broad day light despite several incidents of night shooting in the camp.

He blamed the UN for having withdrawn some troops, police and warrior security who scan for weapons at the gate.

“We are not happy with the UN for withdrawing police at the reception and other routes on entrance, because if they were here, such incident can be prevented,” he said.

Nhial called on the UN Mission to return the police and restore gun control measures.

“My message to the UN is that in this part of the country, civilians are a threat to themselves, we are under situation of impunity and lawlessness meaning anyone can do anything and IDPs are the most vulnerable, we are saying that if they are here to fulfill their mandate, they must protect the IDPs,” he concluded.

Last month, it was also reported that a lone teenager stabbed a young man to death over an argument at a tea place in the camp.

However in spite of a wave of a nationwide demonstration by IDPs who are in fear of their lives, United Nations Mission in South Sudan has maintained that the security threat that was facing the IDPs years ago does not long exist.

UNMISS plans to transition the POCS into ordinary displaced camps that would be protected by the government of South Sudan.


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