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One dead after Dabur attack of Torit County

The body of one of the four youths abducted during an attack in Dabur

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The body of one of the four youths abducted during an attack in Dabur village, Lowoi Payam of Eastern Equatoria’s Torit County last week was found on Friday, officials confirmed. 

The Youth Leader based in the Village reported that on 30th January 2022, the Village residents were celebrating a feast when armed men in military uniforms stormed the village and opened fire at about 3:00 pm sending the village running for shelter in the bushes nearby and abducting four young men. 

Lowoi Village is under Lowoi South Boma, Kudo payam, Torit County and Eastern Equatoria State.

Meanwhile, State Information Minister Patrick Oting said the government has formed a committee to investigate the incident.  

“The committee formed was led by the Minister of local government {Eastern Equatoria} and was formed to investigate further than what is reported with the expectation of getting us the feedback on what happened exactly soon,” he said.

However, among the four abducted, three boys managed to escape and return to the village, while one, and was still missing.

Earlier reports from the Local Authority indicated that four were missing and hundreds of villagers fled to nearby bushes after unidentified armed men stormed Lowoi Village about 75 kilometers along the Juba-Torit road on Sunday.

The attack displaced more than 100 people who are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. 

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