One day, all the wraths will cease

By: Ngor Khot Garang

With such a great number of children on streets and starving population with nothing to eat, one can never be convinced that this country will return to its beauty and the hunger as it is the order of the day will be no more.

The people have tried to be strong and they have patiently waited for the day when the country will return to its normal state but life proved to be more demanding and things are getting out of hand.

Some families can’t even afford a meal a day and thousands of children are out of school with high number of them becoming adults before their times because the parents can’t afford to settle their termly fees.

The struggle is hard and most of the people who are passing through the challenging times think of nothing better than suicide to escape the daily pains.

It gives people hope when they experience the pains today and tomorrow they get a different story that changes the course of their lives. But the pains and challenges we continue to experience everyday seems to be endless. For everyday there is someone who just died without disease but hunger.

The journey is tough and life bites every step taken but in the midst of all these challenging times, there is need to accept challenges as part and parcel of life.

We may think that we are the only people who are suffering and that our story will never change for the better but that is not true and it will never be true because if we are to trace the backgrounds of most of the successful countries with happy people, we will find that they were the first people who didn’t believe that their country would be the way it is today because everything was unpredictable.

The same thing can work with us, no matter how dark and long the night is, we will one day find every reason to wipe our tears and enjoy life the way other people are doing.

I know that some people have already given up and others are almost but if your sun is still shining even though you have no food in the house, you have to be assured that there is a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Your pains will heal, your tears will be replaced with joy and all the days will be filled with complete happiness.

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