Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Politics are for the political elites. This is what l was telling one of my colleagues whom we are almost sharing age with. He had asked me to put to light some issues, which l considered were out of my domain. It was about why Kenya as a country did not send a representative to the recent peace celebrations in Juba. This indeed needed foreign protocol and a government to a government contacts not a mere scribe like me. My experience is that of being an impartial to any situation occurring in the political arena and report it the way it should be. So when this friend and a colleague started politicking, I did not mince my words but told him thank you for bringing this to my attention. However, one thing is for sure, Kenya has played a major role in the achievement and well-being of this country for a long time. The only problem is that of the big brother syndrome, which they should erase out for the continued co-existence. Other political factors, which should be born in mind, are the interests of all other key players. There are facts that should be watched keenly, the political elites in this country should not let them take a back seat thinking that all are sincerely supporting the cause of this country, which affects the majority. They should guard against self and vested interests of other key players. What is obvious is that like any human being, some of the players have their own end interests but these should only be watched keenly for the interest of the majority. They should not be allowed to exploit or take advantage of the persisting situation, which some have done in the past. It is said that once beaten twice shy. True friends should be encouraged but those coming to help with hidden agendas or other motives should be watched and given proper sealing where necessary. What should be of paramount to know is that Kenya and South Sudan have a lot in common and are both in the East Africa bloc. Therefore, the relationship should be looked into beyond an event. True as a one of the close neighbour and trading partner and considering their role before and during the liberation struggle for South Sudan, it was very unfortunate for Kenya to miss the peace celebration occasion. This why sometime it is said politics should be left to politicians. One political analyst gave me at least four reasons why Kenya would have systematically avoided attending the celebrations. This is why l am still saying it is only for the know to find out the truth because if l was to channel the thinking of the analyst, l would also be out of my line of thinking out may start speculation, which may lead to unfounded information and eventually to rumours and lies. Those out there who are of thinking minds should seek the truth and avoid speculations and many theories. It is the right thing to do instead of spreading bush fire for own selfish end. We should all believe and trust that if there was no compelling reason(s), the Kenyan delegations should have been there but as it is, the best reasons rest between Juba and Nairobi Foreign Affairs dockets. Let this not hamper or interfere with the cordial existing between these two sisterly countries as some quarters would like others to believe. Let people not concentrate on one bad and forget the many good. Although, it is said that one bad apple spoiled the whole bag.



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