One arrested in connection with Aweil grenade explosion

By Ayuel Chan

Police in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State said they have arrested one suspect accusing him of having a hand in the grenade attack that left two people dead and scores injured over the weekend.

In a phone interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the State Police Spokesperson Captain Guot Guot Akol said a man identified as Amuk Abut was arrested on Monday evening in Aweil.

“We brought in the suspect following an information provided to us by the victims of the attack and eyewitness who said they saw someone through a grenade, so we did our investigation and the victims confirmed he is the one who threw the grenade,” Akol said.

According to Capt. Akol, the explosion killed 2 people and injured a total38, among revelers who celebrating a match win, a rise from previously reported 24 people.  The injured included 9 children according to the police officer.

He stated that the police have opened a wider investigation to ascertain what led to the incident following other allegations that the disaster was caused by explosion of two generators at the party.

The incident occurred on Saturday 15 January when a group of youth in the area organized a party to celebrate their victory in a football match against local rivals. Captain Akol says “As police, we have to open a case with the two conflicting stories to establish the facts and it will be up to the court to decide which one of the two is true.”

Akol said the Attorney General will determine whether or not to send the casefile to the court after police compile their investigations.

“It is quite impossible for the generator to explode and injure such a big number of people but for us, we will investigate the suspect, victims and eyewitnesses and it will be left to the Attorney General to tell us what to do next with the casefile since a criminal case has been opened.”

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