One arrested for shooting during games

By Mabor Riak Magok

A man and his colleague have been arrested for causing chaos during a wrestling match in Awerial County of Lakes state over the weekend.

The incident happened after a man shot into the air injuring two people claiming that he was excited over winning party that won a wrestling match in which his brother was a winner.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the Police chief Inspector in Awerial County Bol Tier said that the police have managed to arrest the wrestler and his brother who injured two people during the shoot-out at the playing ground.

“We have investigated what was the cause of shooting and injuring people in the wrestling. But people said that one of the wrestlers was beaten during the wrestling and that was the reason which led to the shooting by a brother. Now we have arrested them and they are being investigated for violating rules and regulation of the games,” Chief Tier said.

He said the Commissioner of Awerial County issued an order banning any wrestling competition in the remote villages and directed all wrestling activities to town to avoid violence happening in the area.

“Now, I have received an order banning wrestling in the remote villages from the commissioner after the first one was violated and I will distribute the copy of this order to all the Payams and Bomas in the remote villages wrestling ground. Whoever wants wrestling game should come to town and get approval,” he said.

The suspect who injured the two at the match said that he was shooting in air in happiness when his brother Long Ayuiu managed to beat Rian Mayom Akec in the wrestling ground at Door on Saturday last week.

“I released only 2 bullets in air in happiness and not in bitterness because my brother Long Ayuiu has beaten Rian Mayom in the wrestling. I did not know that I have injured people until I was informed that I have shot and injured two people,”saidAyuiu the suspect.

Mr. Ayuiu admitted that he was guilty and made a mistake adding it was not intentional.

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