Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Last Saturday went down not well with me because every week l and my co-host Moses Yasin we run an hourly program in the leading FM station 88.4 City FM titled Business Focus. Before the show kicks off at 10.00am, we always have time off the cuff to review the daily happening in the global arena. This time around it was not any different but what made it not well was the tone and expression which Yasin advanced. He was going through Juba Monitor Newspaper which is the leading newspaper in the print media in the country and his concern was about what was on the headline which read that the opposition had declared that “No State, no government”. To Yasin and the rest of the younger generation they were not interested in this kind of take but their main request was to have peace. “Peace is the key word and dreams they all wanted states or no states. They want to walk and develop their country. They want peace so insecurity could be a thing of the past. They want peace to be able to interact with their likes in all parts of the country. They want this peace yesterday than today. States and other issues can be discussed appropriately by the leaders who must understand the need of the common-man. The youth Yasin told me and he was right because  after our program there was the youth program at the same station and the majority of the youth topped up their talks by asking to have peace so that they can plan for their future. The bottom-line here is peace whatever it takes and statements contrary to this only make the future look bleak without hope. There must come a time when all leaders should speak one language which for now must be and remain peace. It is what is expected to make the country move forward. Indeed politics will always be at play but hopefully not at the expense of the larger population. What these youth have gone through as they grow should be history for remembrance in the archives of the past. There are those leaders who are honestly seeking for peace and who should be supported at all cost. There are those who are still having the wait and see attitudes that should be brought back home to reality. They might not be in a position to understand the need of the common-man and they might be straying because they have not been told. Indeed the time is now that they have to learn and understand the urgent need of having peace in all parts of the country. Not only for the youth but to help in boosting developments in various sectors of the economy. This is possible and can be done if all were talking and singing with the same tone  and tune of peace.

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