The aviation authority should not take members of the public for granted. They should tell the country candidly how and where these old planes are coming from and who is licensing them to operate in the airspace. These are planes which cannot be allowed through any border point by the neigbouring countries, the reasons why they can only influx the airspace here and fly to States taking the advantage of the existing transport problems. The truth is that even in their own countries of origins which happened to be in the Eastern bloc, these obsolete aircrafts refurbished to cheat the eyes are of the older years if not before world war two. At one point the aviation authority promised to clear them off the airspace and or to be flown anywhere in the country, but that was just a window dressing gimmick. It never took off the ground and died a natural death if that is what it should be called. Safety of the people should remain paramount to the society. Nobody should be allowed to gamble with another’s life in any name whatsoever, including business or any form of making money. There should be air transport in the country but not these rejects and dead planes that are only a danger to the people using them. It is not for money that people should die in these planes. There are companies and institutions that can afford to bring in the latest and serviceable aircrafts that could be used for domestic and regional flights. Those endangering the lives of others by bringing in and licensing these obsolete death-traps should be condemned and stopped from their dangerous game. They should not take advantage of the situation to enrich themselves at the expense of the citizens and the country.

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