Editorial 23rd July 2018

It is like applying double edged law to suit a situation. One would ask about the repairs of the damages on the main Juba-Nimule road the section almost linking the city centre and the Kubri, River Nile Bridge. This section got damaged before the one near Crown Hotel which at least has been repaired although it forms the basis of the question on why some areas are given preference instead of administering the same equally. The Kubri area is the main lifeline of this country. Its condition continues to worsen although earlier signs indicated that it was to have been completed as signs of “men at work” were very clear. What happened that it is left lagging behind? It is okay to repair any section of damaged road in the capital city. It is okay for roads to and others to be of economic viability usage instead of being left without care to drain the little resources that can be channeled to other development. It cannot be a coincident but an intention that the law of road repairs in this case has been applied discriminatively because the rule of first come first serve did not apply on these two sections of repair work on these two different sections of the road although both serves motorists and travelers alike. We agree that the road passing near Crown Hotel serves the interest of majority including the gateway or entry and departure point by air at the Juba International Airport. But the Kubri one is a milestone in the life of this country and ignoring its condition is like denying the country the inflow of the much needed basic commodities being imported or brought from the immediate neighbouring countries. It must be repeated here that this road is the only one of its kind in the country which should be maintained at all cost. Those charged with the responsibility of this road should do what they are employed to do without any excuse to the users who are the tax-payers. Someone in authority should come out and impact this important message on those responsible for the repairs.

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