Odongo Odoyo

I have always believed and strongly echoed out that something was seriously going on under the cover of darkness over the emergence of the new variant, Omicron. The fact that it is being baptized as an African product by the West did not go well with me after pointing fingers at South Africa as the origin of the pandemic. That something which is wrong has been proved by senior medics and researchers worldwide. The West then ran to put up measures allegedly to protect their borders and citizens. Under normal circumstance this would not have raised eyebrows, the fact of the findings that Omicron had existed in the west for more than three months speaks volumes of lies being peddle against the continent by the west. On Wednesday l happened to be watching a Nairobi based channel hosted by Jeff Koinange where one of the guest was    Dr. Githinji Gitahi, MBS.  The doctor is CEO of Amref Health Africa, A passionate advocate for pro-poor Universal Health Coverage who joined Amref Health Africa as the Global Chief Executive Officer in June 2015. His words were so touching and made me understand the real genesis of what was happening. “Omicron fallout: Amref Health Africa CEO calls for an end to vaccine nationalism. Any country imposing travel bans on African Countries MUST lift then now! Viruses have no NATIONALITY and we must end RACIST stigmatization. Stop travel bans NOW. Focus on vaccinating the World Omicron COVID variant was in Europe before South African. The African Union MUST ask for an end to SELECTIVE racial stigmatization demonstrated.” The good doctor know what he was telling the world and called on the Africa Union not  to allow such innuendoes be smeared on the continent. Where are the continent leaders and why should they dance to the tune of the west by equally subjecting their own, South Africa, to trauma and torture implanted by foreign forces. Is it because African leaders are seen to continue begging and could not do what they are supposed to do to save their own. Both Dr. Gitahi and Dr.l. Ombajo gave an in-depth narration of what was happening in the global world of COVID-19 and Omicron which the west cannot escape by blaming Africa. I am not a medic but one things l know and understand is that the medical profession must work together through exchange of research findings, verbal information and medical journals. This is done purely to update the world what would befall them if such exchange are not applied. The truth is that it has to be accepted that the pandemic, COVID-19 or Omicron are foreign. With this in mind their fight should be carried out collectively without pointing a finger the west style. The world Health Organization (WHO) and other key players in the medical field should help in this direction without leaning one sided. The issue at hand is to find a solution to the raging pandemic with different countries  supported to put up vaccine manufacturing plants.  

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