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Olympic committee assures readiness for Tokyo 2020

By Okan Thomas Onyango/ John Agok

The South Sudan National Olympic Committee (SSNOC) has assured its readiness for the Tokyo 2020 that all preparations are underway from the government to send delegations to participate in Tokyo Olympic 2020.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, the President of South Sudan National Olympic Committee, Eng. Juma Stephen Lugga said those athletics with the best records will automatically be considered to qualify for the Olympic that’s why we need our athletes to do their level best and they are optimistic that they will do something better in the athletic federation this time round.

“We are optimistic that they will do something better this time round and that’s all our hope that the country has been given six universality position to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games,” Lugga said.

He added that Universality position is given to a country that has not qualified for the Olympic Games. We were given six universality positions when we were in Argentina attending the youth Olympic games conference, we met the president of the International Olympics committee and he promised to give us six universal positions which are now reserved for us plus a representative from each federation.

Lugga also acknowledged that all the Olympic committees are urged to work closely with their government and meet the strategy for the vaccination process and is expected to work together with the Ministry of Health, Youth, Culture and Sports and see a strategy for the vaccination process.

“They are telling all the countries that all the Olympic committees and the delegations that will be going to the Olympics will all have to be vaccinated so that we don’t carry the variant to their country. We are still coordinating with our leadership so that we address the strategy on how the delegations travelling to Tokyo will all be vaccinated because some of our leaders will also be going to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics,” he said.

The president of the National Olympic Committee further held that the Olympic Games have values that reflect harmony, peace and building up the youth. Adding that sport is a tool to bring peace and harmony especially in the country.

“We are concentrating to bring up the youth because they are our future. We in the sports sector would like to bring the youth of South Sudan together. We actually want to go out to all the other states but because of the security instability in some states we couldn’t do so. But now with the implementation of the R-TGoNU, all the governors in their states should create playing grounds for sports only and let them not be grabbed,”  

The Olympic Games were supposed to take place last year but were interrupted by the Covid-19.

We are giving instructions to all the athletes in South Sudan to strictly observe the national ministry of health Covid-19 directives because their lives also matter much.

At the moment there are affiliate national federations in the South Sudan National Olympic committee.

South Sudan National Olympic Committee is the umbrella of all sports in the country.

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