Oil workers reverse decision to strike

By:  Elia Joseph Loful

The workers of Greater Pioneer Operating Company (GPOC) have reversed their decision to stage a peaceful strike.

The strike was planned for today (Tuesday) according to the statement extended to the media by the employees Secretary Gabriel Matut Maliah.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in a phone interview, Achol Majok General Manager for Commerce and Services said the petition to go for strike came from staff working in the field demanding their outstanding bonuses and allowances.

“Yes they were having their request and the demands were categorized. For me as the manager that is their right to go for a strike in a peaceful manner may be for further pressure to the management,”Achol said.

Manager Achol said the demands for the employees would be addressed soon as the work progresses.

“Already we have agreed that some of their concerns will be addressed as we go along,” she said.

She said the company’s management has taken a step to ensure that the staff’s grievances should be resolved saying they were taking the lead to call for work standoff.

“I got the letter from the field this morning and the management took a decision that because it was like the field staff are taking the lead in the matter. The letter I saw was from the petition from the field representative and the one from office I did not see,”Achol explained.

She revealed that the GPOC staff in the field were reported not to be working yesterday, however the office managed to send officials from Juba to convince them.

“We talked to our staff and the chairperson of the union talked to the people this morning, and we sent the vice president, human resource, manager and all the top management are now in the field,” she said.  

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