Oil belongs to the people -says US ambassador

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

The United States ambassador to South Sudan has asked citizens to demand for provision of better services from the returns of the oil and other resources.

“The oil in the country belongs to the people, those resources belong to you, you should not have to ask for the resources to be distributed, you should be demanding for it,” Thomas Hushek said.

While responding to questions during a workshop on federalism and Presidential systems of Governance in Juba, Thomas Hushek said adopt a people system of federalism that can suit the people of South Sudan.

Hushek said that the model of federalism used in the United States of America might not work in South Sudan but emphasized that the “government for the people and by the people” belongs to everybody.

Giving example of his country America, Hushek said that the real power belongs to the people.

Ambassador Hushek appreciated the National Dialogue for the workshop and urged for more dialogues to be carried out in the country.

 “We do not expect that you have to wait for two hundred years to have a good system of governance, so don’t take two hundred years,” Hushek said.

Hushek also said that the involvement of women in the government has a very important aspect.

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