Officials trained on disaster risk assessment

  By Wek Atak Kacjang

At least 25 government officials from different ministries and some members of the private sector have started a week-long training on disasters risk assessment.

The training which started on Monday will run for five days in Juba.

Speaking during the workshop opening, the Disaster Risk Reduction Technical Advisor of Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Dr. Ahmed Amdihun said the training was to give South Sudanese nationals the capacity to predict possible disaster events and act to prevent them.

He said the training targeted focal institutions and relevant sector institutions, to equip them with capacity on the use of Earth Observation (EO) data and tools for hazard assessment mainly on drought and flood.

The training was organized by the Ministry of Health of South Sudan with support from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. It is aimed to detail Vulnerability on Risk Assessment and Mapping hazard using Earth Observation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The technology is about using the science of acquiring information about earth’s surface without being in direct contact with it.

“This vulnerability risk assessment and mapping exercise is a very timely intervention and will help the country uncover vulnerabilities and capacities of the population and the health system,” said Ahmed.

The expert appreciated the continued support from World Health Organization (WHO) and partners in strengthening emergency preparedness and risk management in South Sudan.

He said the Government of South Sudan recognizes that disaster risk reduction activities have yet to be institutionalized effectively.

South Sudan is among the countries in the region that are prone to disasters or emergencies that can have a significant impact on the population and the health systems.  Infectious diseases continue to pose a major public health threat in South Sudan. Adding to the chronic disease burden, regular outbreaks further threaten people’s health.


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