Officials detained over food distribution

At least two local government administrators in Malek County of Western Lakes state have been arrested for allegedly defying orders of the state government.

Mr. James Machar Chol and Maliet Machuol Maluac reportedly failed to follow the instructions given to them by the state government and the commissioner of Malek County.

According to reliable sources, the two officials who were tasked with the food distribution from World Food Programme did not deliver to the state government its share as they were directed.

In an Interview with Juba Monitor, the Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency in Western Lakes state, Abraham Meen Kuc denied any knowledge of the two being detained in Rumbek main prison,  but said Malek County Commissioner was handling the issue.

“As Ministry of Local government, we have transferred these two local administrators to the County and if there is a need for an explanation, then the right person to be contacted, is the Commissioner of Malek County who is handling this matter at the County level,” Kuc said.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, the Local Government Administrator in Western Lakes State, Awan Chol has confirmed that the two have so far spent more than ten days in Rumbek main prison for defying orders to breakdown the WFP relief assistance between needy community with registration cards and the government.

“I am much aware about the cause of the arrest of the two local government administrators because they failed to implement the orders and instructions given by the state authorities to make chain breakdown of the WFP relief distributions,” he said.

Chol said the WFP has issued each member of the community in need of food assistance with the registration cards.

“According to the WFP, six  people with registration cards have to receive 9 bags of grains and each one received 1 bag of grains and the 3 others shared among them,” Chol said

He added that what had been  deducted from 9 bags by the administrators during food distributions in Malek County was only one bag of grain.

Chol alleged that those deducted bags of grains were distributed to the soldiers, Chiefs and blockers inform of motivation because they have been busy for the whole day organizing the lineup though they do not have registration cards and state government got nothing.

He said, he has seen a letter from the state minister of local government, Abraham Meen Kuch Adhil authorizing the commissioner of Malek County Kaman Matur Ajaac to arrest the two administrators who defied government orders to make the food chain breakdown.

Chol said, “the County Commissioner had made a request letter, asking for the arrest of the two local officials in the ministry of the Local Government. The request has been approved by the minister of local government and I have seen it with my own eyes”.

“The administrators are part of the ministry of local government and we have equal immunity like MPs and commissioners whereby we cannot be arrested without lifting an immunity and if our minister of local government and law enforcement agency is denying it that he has not approved or authorized the arrest of the two local administrators of his own ministry, then let him release them by today from Rumbek prison where they are going for over 10 days,” Chol said.

By Mabor Riak Magok














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