Officials accused of selling state land

By Yiep Joseph

An elder who is also a member of parliament representing Democratic Union Alliance Party in the National parliament has accused both the former and current officials of Central Equatoria for selling state land to businessmen and friends.

In the letter availed to Juba Monitor, Albino John Laku Awan an elder from Central Equatoria protested against the practice of selling land that belong to state to businessmen and friends by state officials.

He stressed that several land that belonged to the Central Equatoria state had been given to many prominent people.

“The former and current officials of Central Equatoria State havebeen selling some land starting from the time of the former who gave some land to a leading member of SPLM and also gave out El-Mohandi Secondary School whose name had now been changed, they alsoleased Unity garden to some traders who are building some businesses in the place” Albino said.

He revealed that the new appointed officials from SPLM were more engaged in selling land than those of early years.

“My fellow citizen the only clean governors started from the first governor Joseph James Tambura of Equatorial Region to Lt. Gen. James Loro Laku they did not sell land to any one or a house like the recently appointed officials” he said.

Albino also called on the communities in Juba not to allow such leaders to expand their interestsby using state and community land.

“It is a crime to sell our state houses to those people who have enough in their respective states, therefore I call upon all our communities the Bami-Mudali-Lokoya and Nyagwara to say no to this self-interested officials to stop achieving their interest by selling our land” he said.

 Albino revealed that most of the historical sites for the state that were built by the communities’ long time ago had been sold by the current state officials.

“The unity garden has been sold to some businessmen who are building some houses now for their own businesses yet it was a historical site meant for the youths” he said.

He called on the state government not to sell historical land to businessmen citing that they were for the state and there were other land that could be sold instead of the state historical land.

He also revealed that the official had also leased some part of Jerusalem area to some businessmen, a move that had caused problem in that area.

“I call on all the communities to join hand with me and fight this bad act of selling state land to private individuals by the state officials,” he concluded 

However, the state Minister of Information Andruga Mabe Saverio revealed that the president has formed a high-level committee to solve issues related to land and the state is waiting for the findings.

“There is a High-level committee working in the process no any other authority to interfere with the work of the committee we are waiting for the findings” Andruga said.

He revealed that the office of the governor has no extra word regarding any accusation leveled against in relation to the land.

“The committee will do its finding and they will come up with the recommendation and the resolutions, you can not abstract and interest the committee formed by supreme authority” he said.

He concluded that the state will not have a say on any accusation leveled against the governor regarding land simple because the High-level committee is working hard to come up with the findings, recommendation and resolutions.

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