Officers warned against illegal visa fee collection at Nimule boarder.

By: Lodu William Odiya

The Ministry of Interior has warned police officers from illegally collecting visa fees from Ugandan citizens at Nimule border following the rumors that the Ugandan citizens are still asked by the officers at the border to pay fifty United State Dollars for border entrance.

According to theDeputy Spokesperson of the South Sudan National Police Service, Brig. Gen. James Dak Karlo, said that the victims might have not received the official document that had declared the order.

“it is an opportunity for the corrupt people, because once this waiver is implemented then they will not be taking the money.This is a golden chance and their excuse will be that this information has not been disseminated to them, it has not reached to their notice although it has been aired out on the radio but the official document which is signed on the 5th October might have not reached them”, he said.

The Deputy Spokesperson of South Sudan National Police Service however, said the culprits will face law if they are found committing an illegal act.

“Whoever charges visa fee right after the 6thOctober, it is corruption and it is going to be penalized according to our Penal Code 2009 and the Code of Evidence Act2006. The judiciary notice says, that what have come into effect from the Ministry of Justice and ConstitutionalAffairs or from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation or from the Ministry of Interior has to automatically be implemented. But if they still continue when this order has reached them they have to be charged”, He added.

He also revealed that the communication system is the main challenge they face and always leads to information delays.

“Although the visa waiver is with effect from the 5th October, how do I take the document to the border, we have no electronic communication system and facilities,’’ he said.

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