Officers trained on customs rules

By Bol Deng Kiir

At least thirty (30) Customs Service officers under the National Revenue Authority (NRA) department yesterday were trained on rules of origin (ROO).

The training was organized by the Japan Intentional Cooperation Agency (JICA) in collaboration with the Uganda Revenue Authority-Customs department.

The project for capacity developmentof Customs service and introduction of Harmonized System (HS) Code was started earlier inMarch and is expected to end today.

Speaking to media in Juba, the project implementation expert, Deng Peter Ajak said the aim of the training was to build the capacity of customs officers at the borders so that they could be able to impose appropriate customs tariff.

“Using rule of origin knowledge by enhancing their understanding in ROO. It will also be equipping the trainees with the knowledge to implement the provision of Article 14 of the Protocol to the establishment of the East African Customs Union and to ensure the uniformity with other EAC partner states in the application of the ROO and to the extent possible that process is transparent, accountable, fair, predictable and consistent with provisions,” Mr. Peter said.

He added that the participants are South Sudanese Customs officers who deal with imported and export goods.

JICA, the Japanese international agency has been engaging customs officials since the commission was established by the government. It works to strengthen the capacity building of the staff to ensure that they are equipped with skills to collect and manage country’s revenues.

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