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Office of the FVP urged to revise peace between Boma and Jonglei

Office of the FVP urged to revise peace between Boma and Jonglei

Dau Akoi Jurkuch, Commissioner of Twic Central County (photo by Manyuon Mayen):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The authorities of the former greater Twic East County in Jonglei have called on the Office of the First Vice President Taban Deng Gai to reignite the peace deal between Boma and Jonglei states signed last year.

The peace agreement was signed by the former Boma State Governor, Ismail Konyi and Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer under the auspice of the First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai.

The call came after alleged reports of continued cattle raids and killings in the two states.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, former Commissioner of greater Twic East County, now Commissioner of Twic Central County, Dau Akoi Jurkuch said there has been a lot of incidences since the year begun.

He said the security situation in the counties of Twic is “miserable” since more than five villages have been abandoned.

Jurkuch added that revival of the peace deal would be the only hope to curb insecurity and bring peaceful coexistence in the states.

“We know that the role of the government of South Sudan is crucial in peace of the two states, so we want the Office of the First Vice President and other peace partners to reinitiate the dialogue and revise it since they were the ones involved in the peace process between the two states last year,” Jurkuch said.

He urged the office of the FVP not to give up in preaching peace between Boma and Jonglei states.

“Keep talking to the raiders who always commit atrocities in our side until you hear and see the peace agreement being implemented by the neighbouring Boma state,” he said.

He called for development of a mechanism to address issues of cattle raiding, and respect for rule of law.

However, Boma state Information Minister, Becko Konyi on Monday denied the accusations against youth of Boma state.

Jurkuch called upon Boma state authorities to remain committed to the peace agreement though they don’t accept the raiders as their people.

“Though you always deny the raiders are not from your side, we still call you to point out the criminals who were doing these kinds of things and speak to them, identify them to stop the alarming security threats in the areas,” he added.

The commissioner appealed to both the states to remain peaceful to each other since it is the time of farming not to disturb the farmers.

Governor of Jonglei State Philip Aguer said the issue of child abduction and raiding by criminals need commitment and dialogue.

“What we are expecting is the greater Jonglei peace conference to be attended by all the governors of all Greater Jonglei. The issue of the criminals has to be dealt with by what we proposed as joint integrated police,” Aguer told Juba Monitor on yesterday.

He added that there was need for a force to protect the civil population in the greater Jonglei.

Latjor speaker appoints chairpersons of committees

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The speaker of Latjor state has appointed chairpersons of the specialized committees of the State Transitional Legislative Assembly.

The speaker made the appointment after consulting with the deputy speaker of Latjor state.

Tut Simon Khor Manyeel, the Speaker of Latjor state issued the decree last week where he appointed eight chairpersons to head the specialized parliamentary committees of Latjor State Legislative Assembly.

The eight chairpersons of the specialized committee include Onwar Char Kuoth, Chairperson of Local Government and Law Enforcement; Gatjiek Gil Diu, Chairperson for Information and Broadcasting, Dak Gai Badeng for Chairperson of Finance and Public Service, Jany Lual Kuilual for  Chairperson of Education.

He also appointed Khor Francis Wiu, for Chairperson of the committee of  Rural Development, Chuol Liah Nhial for Chairperson of Physical Infrastructure, Treaza Nyalok Reat for Chairperson of Health, HIV and Gender Social Welfare, and Chuol Mok Thoan for Chairperson of Agriculture.

Minister resigns as Governor, Deputy in deadlock

Former Minister Ajang Gedi Yor Deng (photo by Kidega Livingstone):

By Kidega Livingstone

The Ruweng State Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports has resigned following the disagreement between Thiaji De Dut Deng, the Governor and his Deputy.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Minister Ajang Gedi Yor Deng revealed that he resigned because the government of his state has failed to govern the state properly which left the residents of the state in misery.

Deng accused the two leaders of administrative failures, saying that the deputy governor who belongs to the SPLM party wanted to take the position of governorship that resulted into one year dispute between the two officials.

“Members of Council of Ministers have divided themselves,” he said.  “There is mistrust among the government officials, no accountability of public funds and there is no proper security because people are being killed everywhere in the region,” said Deng.

“For us to be in fair government, we have to follow the principle of good governance, we have to work for our people in order for them to enjoy the resources in the state,” he added.

Deng who resigned on the 29th of March appealed to the other Ministers to follow suite. He said the two government officials have to change their leadership styles if the people of the state were to benefit.

Ruweng State has two grater counties of Abiemnon and Pariang with nine members in the Council of Ministers who were appointed by the governor.

According to former Minister Deng, the state has no constitution to guide the government because they had agreed that power sharing should be divided between the two counties which did not happen.

Juba Monitor could not reach the Governor and his Deputy since their contact could not be found.

In March last year, President Salva Kiir issued an executive order for removing former Governor, Mayol Kur Akoi who was replaced by Thiaji De Dut Deng.

Ruweng State is one of the new 32 States. It is located in the greater Upper Nile region and it borders Western Nile to the East, Western Bieh to the Southeast, Northern Liech to the South, Twic to the Southwest, Abyei to the West and Sudan to the North.








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