Office Manners

By: Anna Nimiriano

Dear readers, today I would like to talk about office manners which are common to us. Some of you might have experienced it in daily work. Several people come to the office with personal issues. This happens mostly with friends and relatives.  For institutions that have visitor’s form, in the column written “reason” in most cases they write official.  The security at the gate will allow the person to go in.

When reaching in the office, the discussions would turn to family affairs. They would discuss for long time not thinking that it is an office for business.  The time used for conversation is accountable for official work. Sometimes they use their own language for talks so that nobody can understand what they are talking about.

In South Sudan, people work for eight hours, out of that if you use for example three hours for your personal talks, it is unfair in the side of the institution. It means the work you are doing is not eight hours which you are being paid for.  If it is happening with junior staff, it is easy for the management to control them. If it is the top management, then it’s difficult for the lower staff to control.

Other staff come drunk in the office disturbing staff from time to time; such people should be stopped by using labor law. If a staff comes drunk in the office, what can the administration do?  However, we are in New Year, we need to change our attitude and use time for business for business. That can help us to develop.

The peace we are advocating for needs hard work. If we are not using our time well to do work in the country, there would be no progress.  We should not continue exporting everything from the neighboring countries which we can do by ourselves.  If you get job, be committed to your duty.  Know how to divide your time every day.

If you are in the office, that is time for office work. Don’t’ mix office work with family affairs. Let us have new spirit of doing work and cooperate with one another.  Don’t over load yourself with something that you could do in different hours with your family, community and the country at large.

I know it looks difficult for some people, but it is good if we change our behavior. May God bless us all.

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