Once again death in the air has robbed the country of ten or eleven people who were innocently flying in the skies of Jonglei State when the unfortunate happened. The domestic plane crashes have been so many in the recent past that the Ministry of Transport and its aviation department have a lot to answer to the country. Each time a plane crash occurs, both the Ministry and the department comes out to promise heavens which they do not fulfill. These deaths could have been avoided if only the international aviation standard was applied within domestic and international flights. One thing is clear; the planes being used in the country on domestic routes are obsolete dating back to the 40s. They are death trap in the air and should all be grounded never to fly again. How many times should such matter of grave concern to the national protection of the citizens be addressed? There must be a stop to them to prevent more deaths. History of some of these planes revealed they were in use during the Second World War and how they found their ways in the country is something to ponder about.It is like the left hand does not want the right hand to know what it is doing. The government must find out who is the left hand and deal with him/her perpendicularly.  Statements that a team of investigators have been sent to the scene and a report or reports will be made public does not help the situation. The only solution is to clear the airspace of these death traps and remove the obsolete junks from the airports around the country. The remains should find their ways to the scrap dealers. This is where they belong as the authority put down firm orders and regulations in the aviation industry.

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