Nzara hospital to reopen soon

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Nzara Hospital in Western Equatoria State is set to reopen soon after two months of closure by the authorities.

In June, communities staged a peaceful demonstration against the hospitals’ administration to explain why the hospital was operating as a business institution but not as civil hospital.

According to reliable sources, the hospital was known by its name “Nzara Civil Hospital” which is public and should be under Government administration but how comes that they changed the name to St. Theresa? And many related issues in the hospital which the community wanted clear explanation from St. Theresa Catholic Church.

In an exclusive phone interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the Executive Director for Civil Society Human Rights Organization (CSHRO) who is also chairperson of the committee formed to address the Nzara civil hospital issue Abel Dominic Haciru confirmed that they have agreed to reopen the hospital this week.

“We are  supposed to schedule the reopening of the Nzara Hospital today (Monday) but due to some delay in arrangement we could not officially reopen it today but we hope in two today’s time we are going to launch the reopening of the hospital,” Haciru revealed.

He stated that the closure of Nzara Civil Hospital came as result of poor services being rendered by the hospital to the community.

“Nzara hospital was a civil hospital but communities came to learn that it has been transformed from the Nzara civil hospital to St Theresa hospital under the Catholic Church and the services that were being rendered to the communities in the hospital is not favoring and not meeting the interest of the community,” he added.

He said that there were some of the issues that annoyed the community to stage the peaceful demonstration against the administration of the hospital which was under the St. Theresa church that later resulted into closure of the hospital.

According to him the hospital was selling medicines to the communities expensively which most poor communities in the village could not afford.

He also added that harassments of the community by the hospital administration chasing away the communities from the hospital premise were among the issues raised by the community.

“So the communities were saying the administration of the hospital tend to handle people in unlawful way by insulting people, all these issues were raised up by the community to be solved by the executive director of the county,” he explained.

He said all issues that were raised by the community have been discussed and agreed upon by the concerned authorities.

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