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Nzara commissioner refutes allegations of foreign troops

By Baraka John 

The commissioner of Nzara County in Western Equatoria State has refuted news circulated on social media that ‘Congolese armed forces’ had encroached into the Nzara County territory to wage war against the State. 

Speaking to the media yesterday, Richard Zizi said that the Congolese armed forces did not encroach Sakure Payam to wage war against the state government but, the foreign forces were splashing out Ambororo nomads from the territory of DR Congo and mistakenly entered into Sakure Payam of Nzara County last week.

“The Congolese forces were chasing out Ambororo nomads from Congo, so they entered in Sakure Payam of Nzara County. When the foreign troops entered Sakure they asked the chiefs in the area to mobilize for them food and select some members of the community in Sakure to transport the food items to their territory in DR Congo”,said Zizi.

Commissioner Zizi said the Congolese armed forces did not cause harm, saying that the foreign armed forces went back in peace to their country. 

The Nzara County commissioner said the news of possible war against the State government by the Congolese armed forces was a false allegation which could otherwise jeopardize the international relation between the two countries.    

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