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Nyirol Residents decried deteriorating health situation

One of the community members addressing the gathering

By Yiep Joseph

Residents in Nyirol County in Jonglei state decried the deteriorating health situation in the area and pleaded governor to respond.

During the governor’s visit to the county last week, the commissioner of Nyirol County, Bol Makuei decried the deteriorating health situation in the county and pleaded with the government to respond to the situation.

He revealed that the county lacks necessary health facilities and medicines.

Bol called on the community members, state, and the national government to join hands and respond to the deteriorating health situation in the area.  

On his part, Denay Jock Chagor governor of Jonglei state reaffirmed the lack of necessary services in the county. 

“I came here to understand exactly what are the challenges in this county but from what I just heard from them, the challenges are so many so, this county lack every basic service nothing in this county,” Jock said.

He promised that both the state and national governments would join hands to respond to the situation.

“As a state we will go back to see exactly what we can do, more importantly, the central government can put its weight on this because there are some of the services that need central government to get involved,” he said.

“All these challenges we understand that as the community will overcome them and as the state, we will work so hard to make sure that we solve them” he added.

He appreciated the delegation and urged for their usual cooperation in order to deliver necessary services to the people. 

“I am very grateful for all the team that came with me from the two parliaments and also from the state the ministries undersecretaries and people who came with me, they all came here to understand and see for themselves and from we have seen from this county, it needs our intervention” he revealed

 “it needs state intervention, it needs national government intervention and its need NGOs intervention and see what they can do so, from health to education from road to connectivity” he added.

“Many came here as Lou community to see what we can do as a community and they the responsibility of the state will go the state” he said

He called on the residents to have hope on their government citing that the state is ready to intervene

“My message is they should not loss hope the state and national government will look into their issues When I go back on day one, I will work on seeing what is that we can do on the same what is that the state can do to solve some of the challenges,” he said.  

Bol also appealed to the other commissioners to stand firm and support the peace agreement.

“peace needs cooperation, the president can’t bring peace alone without a governor, and governor can’t do it alone without us the commissioners, Payam administrators” he appealed.

Makuach Youl Bougjak expressed happiness about the presence of the Governor and the team in order to see the health situation in the county.

According to Atong Kuol Manyang,  state Minister of health, the main challenges were lack of medicines, lack of payment for medical staff since they rely on incentive which is not enough, poor infrastructures that make it hard to refer patients to reach areas to Lanken hospital among others.

“In fact, I witnessed one patient being carried on a bed-sheet, tied to sticks around shoulders” she expressed 

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