Nyakuron FC confirms Michael Arkanjelo as new coach

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Nyakuron Football Club have confirmed former Simba fc coach Michael Arkan jeloas their new head coach on a contract set to run until 2022.

Michael left his post in charge of the Simba fc, Juba based team to replaced Alibino Jariko at seat.

“Nyakuron fc official signed Michael Arkanjelo for a two years contract to take the charge of the team as a head coach until July 2022,” said Silliman Daffalla the chairman of Nyakuron fc.

“Of course, we have tried many coaches but all of them were area boys which really failed to perform well, this time we feel like there is need to bring someone who has the experience like Coach Michael,” he added.

However, Mr. Daffallla said the management would always be behind the new coach to make sure the team move forward.

“We have a good team with young talented players, so to get good out of them (players) we need to bring a coach that could understand them well and tell them exactly what to do in the pitch.”

“All in all, we want to see that the team is promoted to the next level in some coming years or months,”Mr. Daffalla cited.

Michael Arkanjelo the newcoach for the Nyakuron fc appreciated the management of the team for giving him the chance to manage the club.

“As a coach, we will always work hard and at least get what the team want for the club and even fans, in football you always expect joy, happiness among the fans and the plays,” Coach Arkajelo said.

“By than the expectations will be high from both the fans and the clubs but what I will say is we need to be patient if we are to get best from the team, yes our expectations are always that we want to get to the top that first division,” he added.

He promised to make Nyakuron fc a big team in Juba adding that football is all about team work.

“But I am happy with the team and I really feel at home and will always look forward to see the team perform better.”

Nyakuron football club is currently in second division and hoping to come to first division.

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