Nutritionist urges mothers to breastfeed kids despite supplementary feeding

By Elia Joseph Loful

A Nutritionist working for CUAMM international, an Italian organization said breastfeeding mothers should at all times breastfeed their kids despite supplementary feeding given to them.

Mudir John Maktap who is the Nutritionist in-charge of nutrition department at Rumbek State Hospital spoke to Juba Monitor last week.

John said thought the supplementary milk  given to babies was equivalent to the value of breast-milk, still mothers should consider breast-milk as necessary.

“It is quite recommended that even a mother should breast feed a child up to the limit of 6 moths. It is a rule, and it is being exercised worldwide as nutritionists concern, and is compulsory to any mother whether twins, triplets, quadruplets or whichever,” John stressed.

He said many young children could not eat well due to underlying illnesses such as malaria affecting their health well-being.

“The energy dense provided by the supplementary milk is equivalent to the one being provided by the mother. Medical complications hinder children from eating and lack of appetite is caused by underlying illnesses in the child such as severe malaria and diarrhea,” he emphasized.

Mr.James Matur Rumbek State hospital Administrator said agencies partners like CUAMM working in the State are doing enough to empower the hospital by providing key intended health needs.

Mr.Matur revealed that the traditional myths in the community sometimes pose challenge to any family who may luckily give birth to more than one baby.

“Communities sometimes believe if a mother delivers twins or more, it may lead to anything like dead of either father or the mother.

People have a thought, they worry of having four kids being born at once, people may think any bad thing may happen in the family those are the myths people talk about which is not really true,”Matur explained.

He said the administration at the hospital will continue to offer counseling to the family of the quadruplets.

He was speaking during the time Trinity Energy delivered financial donation to the quadruplets and triplets families in Rumbek, Lakes State.

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