Nunu dismisses claims of being behind Tombura crisis

By John Agok

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and the Acting Secretary General of SPLM. Jemma Nunu Kumba yesterday dismissed wild accusation leveled against her for being behind Tombura chaos.

The claims came from the Governor of Western Equatoria Alfred Futuyo Karaba who alleged that Kumbu was  among other four politicians  who were igniting the recent clashes between Zande and Balanda youths in \Tomburacounty.

 Kumba disputed this wild accusation in a press conference held at her office saying that, the governor has already withdrawn the statement through SSBC after the First Vice President on governance cluster was briefed.

“It is now clear that, the Governor has apologized by withdrawing his statement through SSBC. This comes after we briefed the First Vice President on governance cluster on the Tombura situation,” she said.

Kumba revealed that, she could be the last person in the Country to incite violence among the community. She denied her influence on violence that erupted after holding a conference with the Community of Tombura.

“I will be the last person in South Sudan to do incitement among community which is common tool used by politicians. It is normal for violence to ensued after peace conference as such, because some quarters were not involved in the peace rally when we visited as delegations comprises of other parties,” she added.

She said they briefed the First Vice President Dr. Machar and thus, resolutions emerged from their meeting which included, community based consultations among others.

“In the resolutions, we agreed that, the peace initiative should be a community centered thing and International humanitarians urged to intervene for help,” she concluded.

The Tombura crisis claimed dozens of lives including 13 years old girl raped to death, leaving houses razed down to ashes and hundreds of people displaced. The fierce violence as claimed by the governor was fueled by politicians hailing from the area.

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