Number of states should be agreed by people

By: Anna Nimiriano

The issue of states still remains another challenge in the process of formation of transitional government in the country. Each party wants its proposal to be considered for the coming government. It is not a matter of having states as it was indicated by parties. People of South Sudan need states that reflect their interest not the interest of parties.

Whatever the government is doing let it be for the people of South Sudan. During greatest conference of Equatoria Region, participants suggested that each region should have 13 states. The position of Presidency should be rotated by region, whether the region is big or small. Each region should have each government nominated by people.

Currently the number of the states is 32 proposed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Dr. Riek Machar proposed 21 states and there is suggestion of 10 states. Up to this time no number of the states is considered as the best. The parties are still discussing and are expected to agree upon the number within a short period of time. People of South Sudan could not want to see parties taking a lot of time with something that could be settled within short period of time.

Each party is expected to give strong reasons on how he needs to increase or decrease the number of the states. Are the states having number of people living there; they need to justify it to the public. Otherwise if they increase who are those people living there. The population required to qualify state is known by the law based on the population.

However, you cannot demand for number of the states and there is no budget for it.

Number of states should reflect appropriate number of people. All being discussed were still proposal including 32 states. 

If there is sustainable peace, South Sudanese refugees should come home for the development of this country. Whatever leaders are doing is to be agreed upon by the people of South Sudan. That is democratic way of leadership for new government in the country.

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