Number of female Journalists decreases over challenges

By: Nema Juma

The number of female journalists in the country is reducing over numerous challenges according to the chairperson of the female journalists. 

Irene Ayaa revealed that the challenges in the field of journalism have caused huge reduction of the female practitioners from 60 to 45.

Speaking during a one day workshop  on safety and protection of female journalists in collaboration with Norwegian People’s Aid ( NPA),  Ayaa said that the number of Journalists have reduced because of challenges not limited to sexual harassment and others in the field.

She stated that female journalists have extra challenges to do with digital security like how safety and protection is set up via digital.

“If I recall the incidence where some female journalists where named on social media,” Irene said.

“Recently we have few female journalists because some of them were assaulted physically, we also have sexual harassment,” Ayaa said.

She stated the Female journalists’ network is not her network as Irene but it’s for female journalists to bring them together to discuss issues that are affecting you as a journalist and also to discuss way forward as to our progress as female journalists.

Meanwhile the representative from the NPA Jacob Atem stated that the reason why they were working with civil societies is that they found out that civil society is that vehicle to reach people.

He stated that the challenges that the female journalist are facing  will come to end adding that as journalist  this is the right time to put yourself in order to ensure that there is interest in the media.

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